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Navy nurse researcher presenting nursing research at TSNRP conference
For Military Nurse Scholars, Fellows & Mentors
Sponsorship, Mentorship
& Education
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Funding Military Nursing Research
To Support U.S. National Defense

Since 1991, the TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) has funded 529 military nursing research grants with 38 active research projects and an annual funding of $6M to advance Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) across the Military Healthcare System. The TSNRP Resource Center provides valuable training for military nurses, while its Research Interest Groups foster collaboration, mentorship, and education for military nurses, scholars, and graduate nursing students. 


Military Nursing Research Interest Groups

Anesthesia Research Interest Group
Expeditionay Research Interest Group (ExRIG)
Health Systems and Informatics Research Interest
Biobehavioral Research Interest Group
Military Family Research Interest Group
Military Women's Health Research Interest Group
Military Nurse Scientist

Origin & Legacy of Military Nurse Scientists

In this 15-minute film short, you'll be introduced to the role of military nurse scientists in the Department of Defense, and meet four who describe their research and evidence-based practice projects, and the value to all Americans.

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