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Early Career Investigators Begin Coaching Program

Cadets & Junior Officers Visit Pentagon & USU

On 5-7 February 2024, TSNRP hosted an orientation/coaching event for cadets and junior officers selected for the TSNRP Early Career Investigator Coaching (ECIC) to network with senior ranking military nursing officers of the TSNRP Fellows Program. The goal of the program is to enhance research knowledge and skills, network with experts in the field, and foster a culture of research and evidence-based practice.


The program included several key events and activities. The group started day one with a visit to the National Museum of Health and Medicine where they experienced and learned about previous approaches to medicine to better understand the lessons learned necessary to shape future nursing practice. They continued the day by visiting the Uniformed Services University (USU), meeting with Dr. Kortepeter, vice president of research, and Dr. Carol A. Romano, Rear Admiral, USPHS (Ret) and Dean and Professor of the Daniel K. Inouye Graduate School of Nursing.  The tour provided insights into leading-edge research being conducted at USU and exposed participants to innovative approaches in military nursing research. Day 1 ended with a visit to On Demand Pharmaceuticals, a company specializing in advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies. This visit highlighted the importance of research and innovation in pharmaceutical development and its impact on improving patient care in military healthcare settings when resources or logistics are limited.


Day 2 kicked off with a visit to the Pentagon, headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense. This visit allowed all to understand the role of military nursing research in shaping healthcare policies and decision-making at the highest levels. The day wrapped with the cohort learning from senior nurse scientists experienced with funding and conducting research and Evidence-Based Practice projects to improve healthcare delivery across the all branches of service.


The ECIC cohort networked with fellow military nursing officers, researchers, and industry professionals, creating opportunities for collaboration and sharing of research ideas, refining research questions, and navigating the research process. The TSNRP Fellows had the privilege of spending a full day with COL Young J. Yauger, TSNRP executive director, where he emphasized the importance of research and Evidence-Based Practice in military healthcare.


Participants learned strategies for translating research findings into clinical practice to enhance patient care and outcomes. By investing in the development of military nursing research, the program contributes to improving patient outcomes, enhancing healthcare delivery, and strengthening the role of military nurses as leaders in Evidence-Based Practice.



Picture: In a Pentagon briefing room before a tour.

Front Row (Left to Right): CPT Brad Kempka, CPT Kayla Thompson, 1LT Carmen Vejar-Preece, LTJG Theresa (Teri) Osborne, LCDR Emily Latimer, 1Lt Abigail Pisney


Back Row (Left to Right): MAJ Morgan Torris-Hedlund, ENS Ryan Williams, Cadet Frederick Whipple, LTJG Jonathan Montella, Cadet Dominic Otero, LCDR Alaina Crotty, CDR Chantal Charais, COL Dan Wood, COL Young J. Yauger, Lt Col Cubby Gardner


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