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Leadership & Critical Thought Certificate Program at eCornell


The objective of the TSNRP nursing fellowship leadership certificate program is to enhance the

strategic capability of nursing leaders to think critically and lead in all patient care settings in support

of the national defense strategy. The virtual instruction will provide research-based course content. The new skills learned will contribute to core competencies for leadership critical thinking, decision-making, strategic planning, strategic change management for comprehensive patient care in the rapidly evolving combat and operational nursing environment.



This online program consists of the following virtual 4 core courses at eCornell University:

  1. Problem-Solving Using Evidence and Critical Thinking

  2. Strategic Decision Making

  3. Making Strategic Change Happen and Improving Quality and Performance of Healthcare Services

  4. 1 elective selected among 19 elective courses.

Each course is provided online over 10 hours during a two week period. Upon completion participants complete a project at their assigned duty station, and submit a storyboard to TSNRP of the project.


The program is currently open to TSNRP Fellows, and post graduate nurses active duty, reserve, and national guard nurse service members. Note: Only MILITARY SERVICE members are eligible. Civilian nurses, even those working in the DoD, are not eligible.

Application Requirements

The application requires a short essay (250 words) consisting of the goals for participation, and the identification of two PhD or DNP mentors (one must be a nurse). The mentors maybe civilian, federal, or military. The participant must meet quarterly with their mentors. Upon completion of the program, all military nurse participants must provide the course attendance certification, progress report (storyboard) of their identified project, and complete the participation survey.



Space is limited for this online certificate program. If the slots fill, no further applications will be accepted. 

Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis
Exclusively for Military Nurses
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