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Research Interest Group (ARIG)


Optimizing care and resourcing for the wartime surgical specialties requires high-quality evidence.  A tri-service effort is required to align existing research and best practice implementation with lessons learned from providing care to wounded warriors during theater operations.  Evaluation of research priorities and analysis of gaps in the literature are critical activities to support nurse anesthetists in providing anesthesia care in both the resuscitative and follow-on settings. 


For example, topics of best practices of wartime relevance include personnel-oriented topics such as clinical and operational readiness, and clinically oriented topics such as goal-directed fluid therapy, management of hemorrhage, management of pain, management of prolonged anesthesia care, and effects of anesthetics on the injured brain.  A coordinated tri-service effort will build upon existing efforts to create programs of research to advance the knowledge in these relevant areas, and to coordinate the translation of that knowledge into evidence-based practices that support highly reliable care.


The ARIG is chartered to collaboratively develop a research and Evidence-Based practice agenda that will align resources, support rigorous scientific inquiry and support the advancement and translation into clinical practice of knowledge to improve the readiness of our providers to perform in the operational setting and the quality of anesthetic and resuscitative care provided to wounded warriors and other Military Health System beneficiaries. In 2021, the ARIG consisted of 108 members, and produced 3 publications and 7 funded research studies among leaders and members.

Current Leaders

LTC John Reed, PhD, MSN, MBA, CRNA, ARIG Leader

LCDR Justin Hefley,  DNP, CRNA, ARIG Deputy

Member Meetings

The TSNRP ARIG meets via Zoom to network with colleagues, present research, mentor novice researchers, and share information and resources useful to military nurses and researchers. Join ARIG below to receive login details for future meetings.

Meeting Replays

ARIG - July 2022

Uniformed Services University DNP Project Updates

LCDR Kenneth Barber, DNP, CRNA, USN


Learn about the evolution of the DNP project -- how did the first DNP project look compared to today.

ARIG - January 2022

Celebrate National CRNA Week: Day 1

COL Steven Kertes & CDR Kennett Radford


Learn about the Anesthesia RIG, and DNP projects at US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing and the Uniformed Services University for Health Sciences. Plus, understand the impact of military nursing research and Evidence-Based Practice projects on clinical practice.

ARIG - January 2022

Celebrate National CRNA Week - Day 2

LTC Lisa A. Post, LTC Geoffrey W. Duncklee, Maj Jason Frias,
CAPT Jerrol Wallace, LCDR Lani Kuhlow

Watch current PhD and DNP anesthesia students present research and DNP projects.

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