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Expeditionary Research Interest Group (ExRIG)


The TSNRP ExRIG brings together nurses with diverse clinical, scientific, and methodological experiences to foster transformational advancement of innovative, operationally-relevant combat nursing research that modernizes the care of the future warfighter across Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).


The Expeditionary Care Research Interest Group (ExRIG) is a collaborative tri-service community of professionals focused on innovating, improving, and modernizing mission-critical nursing resources and proficiencies related to combat care during MDO. The ExRIG serves as an educational and professional resource, network, and support platform to ensure highly adaptive and effective care of the warfighter in the future Operating Environment (OE) through validated operational paradigms, research ideas, and best practices. The ExRIG will explore a variety of topics and issues pertinent to the transformation and modernization of nursing care concepts, capabilities, and capacity on the future battlefield. The ExRIG will build upon existing efforts to promote programs of research that advance the knowledge in these relevant areas and coordinate the translation of that knowledge into evidence-based practices supporting highly reliable care across all echelons. In 2021 the ExRIG consisted of 138 members, and produced 21 publications and 9 funded studies among leaders and members.



Through research and evidence-based practice, the ExRIG will lead the advancement of creative, innovative, and operationally-relevant combat nursing care. The ExRIG will transition scientific findings to the operational environment with a focus on manning, training, and equipping the joint nursing force to quickly prepare and execute optimized patient care across the full range of military operations worldwide. 

Current Leaders

Lt Col Tonya White, ExRIG Leader

MAJ Angela Samorsorn, ExRIG Deputy

Member Meetings

The TSNRP ExRIG meets via Zoom to network with colleagues, present research, mentor novice researchers, and share information and resources useful to military nurses and researchers. Join ExRIG below to receive login details for future meetings.

Meeting Replays

ExRIG - January 2022

For the Blood is Life: A Primer and Research Way Forward to Support the Need for Prehospital Whole Blood

Lt Col Tonya White, PhD, RN


Understand contemporary combat epidemiology, discover recent wins in combat and deployment medical care, and learn about critical research gaps regarding prehospital whole blood.

ExRIG - July 2022    

Quantifying Stress Data on Navy Corpsmen Performing Tactical Combat Casualty Care

CDR Tony Torres, PhD RN, USN


This presentation is of a doctoral study examines the influence of high fidelity simulation and markers of stress response. The goal was to quantify the value that high fidelity simulation contributes to day-to-day operations Performing Tactical Combat Casualty Care.

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