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Research Interest Group (FIG)


The TSNRP FIG collaborates with civilian teams, academic affiliations, and military research partners to generate new knowledge within nursing and healthcare to improve the quality of life for military families; form TriService, multidisciplinary research teams to work on topics of common interest; and develop innovative interventions and policies that will be pertinent to not only active duty members, but also to family members.


Through research and Evidence-Based Practice, the FIG will lead the advancement of creative, innovative, and operationally-relevant nursing care for soldiers and their families. The FIG will transition scientific findings to the stakeholders within the Military Health System creating an environment with a focus on providing the down range support for stakeholders that support members of the military community throughout the world. In 2021 the FIG consisted of 128 members, and produced 29 collaborations, 72 dissemination activities, and 15 funded studies among leaders and members.

Current Leaders

Lt Col Kelley Henson, FIG Leader

LCDR MaryPat Tobola, FIG Deputy

Meeting Replays

FIG - May 2022

Military Family Research Interest Group: Care of the Military Family Speaker Series Session I

Cynthia Rivera, Senior Manager of Equity and Social Impact Research, Blue Star Families


Discover key findings on the Military and Veteran Health Systems, including spotlights on mental health and caregiving, from the Diverse Experience of Military and Veteran Families of Color study which included focus groups, literature review, analysis of new data, and results of a specialized survey of military and veteran families of color.

FIG - January 2022

Administration of Routine Immunizations and COVID Vax Program in a Busy Overseas Home Port During COVID-19 Pandemic

LCDR Rhys A. Parker, NC, USN


Hear about the challenges and solutions to administering routine immunizations and the COVID vaccinations in Okinawa.

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