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Legacy of TriService Nursing Research

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  • DoD Nurses with veteran status become eligible for TSNRP funding under pilot program.

  • Fellows Program expanded to include Nursing Research Leadership Certificate curriculum in leadership critical thinking, decision-making, strategic planning, strategic change management with Cornell University. 

  • First cohort of the Early Career Investigator Coaching program includes 12 junior officers representing Army, Navy, and Air Force.

  • Published article in Military Medicine titled "Promoting Military Women’s Health Through Research Design" to advance EBP in the care of women service members.

  • Executive Director expands awareness of TSNRP with nonprofits, leading hospitals, and military nursing leaders in Allied countries. For the first time, Canadian military nurses attend the Research & EBP Dissemination Course.


  • COL Young Yauger, AN, USA, Appointed Executive Director

  • 30th Anniversary


  • TSNRP Funding Reinstated with Reversal of Defense Wide Review

  • Strategic Planning Meeting 




  • 1st Virtual Courses 

  • Funding Terminated Due to Defense Wide Review

  • Bridge Funding Received


  • CAPT Heather King, NC, USN, Appointed Executive Director


  • 1st Writing Workshop

  • 1st Mini-EBP Award

  • 1st Post-Doctoral Fellowship


  • Strategic Planning Meeting 

  • Launches

  • 25th Anniversary

  • Supplement in Nursing Outlook

  • New RIGs: Military Family (FIG), Health Systems/ Informatics (HSIRIG)


  • Lt Col Jennifer Hatzfeld, USAF,
    NC, Appointed Executive

  • Application Process to



  • Fast Track Award Reclassified

  • 400+ Attend Research and Evidence-Based Practice Dissemination Course

  • New RIG: Anesthesia (ARIG)


  • 1st Research and Evidence-Based Practice Dissemination Course replaces the Phyllis J. Verhonick and Karen A. Reider Poster Session


  • LTC Michael Schlicher, ANC, Appointed Executive Director.

  • 1st Online Webinars for Post-Award Training

  • 1st Annual Report

  • TSNRP Funded Study Reports First Published in CINAHL Database


  • Education Programs Expand

  • Strategic Planning Meeting


  • CAPT John P. Maye, NC, USN, Appointed Executive Director



  • Nursing Research Publishes TSNRP Supplement: “Research to Practice in the Military Healthcare System"

  • New RIGs: Biobehavioral (Health BHRIG), Expeditionary Care (EXRIG)

  • 1st Research Strategies for Clinicians Course


  • Lt Col Marla De Jong, NC, USAF Appointed Executive Director

  • Battlefield and Disaster Nursing Pocket Guide Published

  • Army, Navy, and Air Force Nurse Corps Chief Obligate $6M in Permanent Funding

  • Research Priorities Redefined


  • New RIG: Military Women's Health (MWHRIG)


  • LTC Deborah J. Kenny, ANC, Appointed Executive Director

  • No Grant Awards Funded, due to Congressional Continuing Resolution




  • CAPT Patricia Watts Kelley, NC, USN, Appointed Executive Director

  • Pilot Award Program Launched

  • 1st Evidence-Based Practice Course


  • 10th Anniversary Celebrated with Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii

  • First EBP and Publishing Workshops

  • 1st Publication Workshop after May Phyllis J. Verhonick Nursing Research Course in San Antonio, TX

  • 15 TSNRP-Funded Research Studies Appear in Peer- Reviewed Journals

  • 40 Papers/Posters of TSNRP-Funded Research Presented at Major Research and Clinical Conferences Worldwide


  • Research Pods or Regional Group Formed

  • Goals Identified:
     Increase military nursing research capacity
     Expand the breadth and depth of the research portfolio 
    3) Develop partnerships for collaborative research
    4)  Build an infrastructure to stimulate and support military nursing research




  • Lt Col Diep Duong, NC, USAF, Appointed Executive Director


  • 1st 3-Day Grant Writing Workshop 


  • LTC Catherine Schempp, ANC, Appointed as First Executive Director

  • Executive Director Position Begins Rotating Among Branches Every 2 to 3 Years

  • Mandatory Training Developed for Post-Award Grants Management


  • TSNRG Authorized as DoD Healthcare Program

  • Name Change to TriService Nursing Research Program 

  • Civilian Nurse Researchers Invited to TSNRP Scientific Merit Review Panels



  • Institute of Medicine Reviews TSNRG and Recommends Continuing the Group

  • Formal Relationship with Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) Graduate School of Nursing Established

  • 1st Grant Writing Workshop for Military Nurses in Ramstein or Mendenhall, Germany


  • TriService Nursing Research Group Leadership Positions Begin Annual Rotation between Armed Services.

  • First Guidelines for Scientific Mentors, Letters of Intent, and Forms for Interim, Annual, and Final Study Reports


  • 1st Meeting of TriService Nursing Research Group (TSNRG) on 8 January at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Bethesda, MD

  • 66 Proposal Applications Received

  • 1st Science Review Panel on 12 June

  • 8 Grants Awarded Totalling $974,363


The TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) is the country's first and only Department of Defense (DoD) program that supports and allows armed forces nurses to conduct military nursing research. A Congressionally authorized program (S.R. 107-732), in 1996 TSNRP became part of the DoD Health Care Program, and was established at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (Chapter 104, Title 10, U.S. Code as amended). 

Senator Daniel K. Inouye

The late Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii was instrumental in the initial and in all subsequent Congressional appropriations for TSNRP while he served in Congress. The roots of his support for military nurses extended back to care he received during his hospitalization and recuperation from injuries sustained during WWII. 


Senator Inouye’s overall support for nursing, and nursing research, was later recognized during the 2002 State of the Science Congress (26-28 September 2002, Washington, DC), attended by 900+ national and international nursing leaders and prominent nurse scientists. 

TSNRP Honors Sen. Inouye 

In 1997, the first Director was appointed to implement all aspects of the program and manage day-to-day operations.  TSNRP also established the Resource Center for Excellence in Military Nursing (Resource Center) to provide resources to nurse clinicians, nurse researchers, and policymakers in support of military nursing research. Since then, TSNRP continues to expand, offering educational opportunities for military nurses, resources for military treatment facilities, and multiple awards for research and Evidence-Based Practice projects to support warfighters and their families.


Meet the leadership & view the annual report

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