Women in Combat Summit 2021

 Speaker and Poster Gallery

Summit presentations will be followed by posters. To view a still image of the poster, click the poster image below the title. When possible, slides have been made available.

Keynote Lecture - 09 February 2021
GEN (R) Martin E. Dempsey
Women, Peace, and Security - 09 February 2021
Jeanette Haynie PhD
Allies & Advocates: Men, Women, and Leadership - 09 February 2021
Panel Moderator: David Smith, PhD
Speakers; Jill Goldenziel, PhD; W. Brad Johnson, PhD;
Judith E. Rosenstein, PhD
Direct Combat Exclusion Rule: Integration of Women into the Combat Arms Six Years Later -
09 February 2021
Panel ModeratorL LTC (R) Robin Johnson
Question MOderator: LTC Adam Sawyer
Panelists: CAPT Jill Rough, PhD; MAJ Erin Williams, Maj Regan Lyon, Maj Nicole Nicholson
Bone Health and Stress Fracture Risk in Female Soldiers - 10 February 2021
Dr. Kristin Popp, ORISE Established Scientists Supporting USARIEM
Physiological and Psychological Characterization of Hyper-Fit Military Females - 10 February 2021
Holly McClung, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN
Form, Fit, and Function of Female Military Equipment - 10 February 2021
Mr. Michael McGurk Director, Research & Analysis USACIMT: the Army’s Lead for H2F and ACFT U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training
Closing Keynote: Women in Combat: A UK Perspective on Health and Performance -
10 February 2021
Dr. Julie Greeves, OBE, PhD
Women as Warriors: Discarding Myths and Realizing the Possibilities - 09 February 2021
CAPT Jill A. Rough, PhD
Opening Keynote - 10 February 2021
Dr. Karl Friedl, PhD
Optimizing Power, Performance, and Prevention: The Female Soldier and the ACFT - 10 February 2021
COL Deydre Teyhen DPT, PhD, OCS
Keynote - 11 February 2021
Prof. Tracey Perez Koehlmoos, PhD, MHA
A Delphi Study to Determine Military Women's Health Research Priorities - 11 February 2021
COL (Ret) Lori L. Trego, PhD, CNM, FAAN
Unintended Pregnancy & Contraception -
11 February 2021
Col (Ret) Catherine T. Witkop, MD, MPH
Nutrition & Iron Deficiency Anemia -
11 February 2021
Dr. James McClung, PhD
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - 11 February 2021
Dr. T. John Wu, PhD
Medical Manikin Gender Retrofit Kit and the Associated Performance on Point of Injury Care
CDT Morgan Chewning-Kulick
Manikin Gender Retrofit Kit Presentaion_
Evidence-Based Care for Service Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrom
Lt Col Kim Hopkins, WHNP-BC, PhD
WIC poster_Evidence Based Care_Hopkins w
Future Research Focus for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - Prevention Research
Lt Col Kim Hopkins, WhNP-BC, PhD
WIC posters_LPM_Intervention study_Hopki
Health and Well-Being in the Army: A Sex-Based Comparison of Self-Reported Trends from the Global Assessment Tool between 2013-2018
Jessica L. Kegel
Kegel submission WomenArmyTrends_Poster_
The Wellbeing of the Postpartum Woman
Caitlin McCullough, BSN, RNC-OB
PTSD Among Women in the Military: Preliminary Results of a Scoping Review
Erin L. Miggantz, PhD
Miggantz Women In Combat_PTSD and Sex_16
Lived Experience of Military Women with Chronic Pain: Providers' Bias & Sexual Trauma
Sandra Peppard, PhDc, MSN, RN
PhD_Research_Peppard_2021_Women in Comba
Integrative Review of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Perinatal Outcomes Among Beneficiaries of the Military Health Care System and TRICARE
Maj Angela K. Phillips, USAF, NC; PhD, WHNP-BC, APRN
Phillips Disparities Poster for WIC.jpg
Comparison of Musculoskelatal Injury and Behavioral Health Diagnoses  among US Army Servicewomen in Ground Combat Military Occupational Specialties and Non-Ground Combat Military Occupational Specialties
Kimberley J. Phillips, MD
Strength, Size and Sex Effects on Musculoskelatal Injury Risk During Load Carriage: Research Methods Overview
Jordan T. Sturdy
Silverman WomenInCombat_wNarration.jpg
Contraceptive Counseling for Female Soldiers Prior to Mobilization
LTC Sarah Wickenhagen, USAR, DNP, FNP-C, APRN
Wickenhagen Contraception Counseling Tak
Research on Unintended Pregnancy in Military Women: A Cultural Lens
Col Candy Wilson, USAF, NC
Wilson Phillips Poster Culture UP_FINAL
Training and Health Outcomes of Women Diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia During Basic Military Training
Col Candy Wilson, USAF, NC
Iron Study for WIC (1).jpg