Anesthesia RIG

January 2021
Embracing Change in the COVID World
MAJ Stephanie Parks

Biobehavioral Health RIG

January 2021
Acupuncture for Sleep Disturbances in
Post-Deployment  Military Service Members
CDR Jane Abanes

Expeditionary RIG

January 2021
Air Force Reserve Nurses Deployed to
New York City for COVID-19 Support
Col Stephen A. Hernandez

Health Systems/Informatics RIG

January 2021
Characteristics of the Current Civil Service Military Healthcare Workforce and Determinants of Workforce Turnover and Attrition
CDR Stephanie M. Paone

Military Family Health RIG

January 2021
The Impact of Having a Child with Special Healthcare Needs on Military Families
MAJ Elizabeth Perkins

Military Women's Health RIG

January 2021
Contraceptive Counseling for Female Soldiers Prior to Mobilization
LTC Sarah Wickenhagen