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Policy Change Allows DoD Nurses with Veteran Status Eligibility for TSNRP Funding

The TSNRP Executive Board of Directors approved the following TSNRP award funding policy change:

  1. PhD and DNP federal nurses with veteran status are now eligible to apply for TSNRP funding, with a limited participation to one award as a principal investigator (PI), to exclude graduate awards. The requirement to include an associate investigator on the team who is an active-duty nurse remains in place. This policy change will be in effect for a one year trial period to determine its overall impact and is subject to change.

  2. It is expected this expanded eligibility access to Department of Defense (DoD) nurses with veteran status will increase the submission of and execution success of military-relevant TSNRP research and Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) projects, in addition to increased mentorship of new military nurse scientists.

  3. This funding change is in line with TSNRP Strategic Goal 1, which focuses on the recruitment and expansion of nurse scholars involved in military nursing research and EBP.

  4. Letters of Intent (LOI) are due by 31 October 2023 for the FY25A Call for military nursing topics. Only PIs who submit LOIs with acceptable military nursing topics of interest will receive an invitation to submit an application.

Please address all questions related to TSNRP funding to


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