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Congratulations to Members Selected for Promotion

Please join TSNRP in celebrating the following Army and Navy officers selected for promotion. We are so proud of your accomplishments, and thankful for everything you contribute to TSNRP!


LTC(P) Tanekkia Taylor-Clark

LTC(P) Christopher Stucky

LTC(P) Lana Bernat

LTC(P) Deanna Sheets

LTC(P) Emily Leiter

MAJ(P) Allison Ferro

MAJ(P) Wendy Hamilton

MAJ(P) Megan Lorenz

MAJ(P) Christyne Gaa


CAPT (Sel) Patricia Butler

CAPT (Sel) Ebony Ferguson

CAPT (Sel) Shannan Rotruck

CAPT (Sel) Melissa Troncoso

CAPT (Sel) Tiffany Uranga


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