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Call for Nominees

2024 Scientific Mentorship Award Due 13 January 2024

Two outstanding scientific mentors in the TSNRP community will be recognized. One award will be presented to an active-duty military, reserve nurse, or National Guard Nurse Corps officer and one will be presented to a retired military nurse corps officer. The award will be presented during the TSNRP Research and EBP Dissemination Course in April 2024.

Self-nominations for this award are not permitted.

To nominate an outstanding military nurse scientific mentor, please provide the following:

1. Nomination letter of no more than 3,000 words highlighting the nominee’s mentoring of you and/or other nurse scientists or military nurses. In this letter, please address the following topics:

  • The commitment of the nominee towards military nurses (e.g. time commitment, length of service, personal motivation, how many mentees he or she has supported).

  • Examples of mentoring activities (e.g. grant mentorship, dissemination / writing mentorship, leadership opportunities, or scientific collaborations) and how the nominee engaged with military nurses to provide meaningful training and career development.

  • Examples of how the mentoring impacted you and/or other early career researchers who worked with the nominee.

  • Any particularly original contributions in the nominee’s support/mentoring.

  • Any other relevant information about why the nominee should be aw arded the TSNRP Scientific Mentorship Award.

2. Minimum of two (2) support letters from another mentee or colleague (e.g. students / faculty / military nurses / leaders who also benefitted from the the nominee).

3. Recent Curriculum Vitae of the nominee

4. Photo of the nominee (to be used on the TSNRP website and social media)

5. Submit your nomination no later than January 13, 2024 to Note: Please submit all documents in one submission for each nominee.



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