Military Family Literature

The Military Family Research Interest Group leadership team is pleased to offer this searchable database of literature related to the care and health of military families. To demonstrate the need for a Military Family RIG within TSNRP, the five leaders of this group classified articles that met their inclusion criteria (all articles involved a US military sample, were relevant to the care of military families, and were primary research studies) from 2013-2017.

Instructions for Using the Database

  1. Select the checkboxes corresponding to the health topics of interest listed below.

  2. Click the “Submit” button (at the bottom of the form) to retrieve citations for articles pertaining to that topic.

When you select more than one topic, your results will reflect only the articles that have been classified with ALL of the checked topics. For example, if you select ‘Deployment’ and ‘Mental Health & Care,’ your results will only include deployment studies that also include a measure of mental health & care, or mental health & care studies that also include a measure of deployment health.