Expeditionary RIG

The ExRIG works to disseminate best practices and cutting-edge research via multiple outlets. These outlets include: special journal issues, pocket publications, and collaborations with established ERC groups highlighting the nursing perspective in en route care.  The ExRIG has also expanded it's focus beyond solely en route care and also focuses on delivery of nursing care in military-unique, austere environments.  These environments include en route care as well as prolonged pre-hospital care in the field or at sea, and more!  Interests of the RIG members range from point of injury to hospital care and from handoffs, to IO access, to blood transfusion, to decreasing stress and pain in transport, to provide self-care. 


Expeditionary Database

At this time, the RIG is gathering members who would be willing to join a subcommittee to identify the appropriate literature, and conduct an in-depth review of articles to form the basis of the evidence database.

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