Dissemination Course 2020


State of Army Nursing Science
COL Angela Simmons, PhD, RN
Consultant to the Army Surgeon General for Nursing Research
State of the Science - Navy Nurse Corps
CAPT Virginia Blackman
Specialty Leader for Nursing Research
Knowledge Degradation Within the MEDEVAC Community Over Time
Robert Sippel, MAEd, MAS, NRP, FP-C
Prevention of Pressure Injuries During Military Aeromedical Evacuation or Prolonged Field Care - A Stratified Randomized Controlled Trial
Col (ret) Elizabeth Bridges, USAFR NC, PhD, RN, CCNS, FCCM, FAAN 
Tibial Intraosseous Administration of Epinephrine Is Effective In Restoring Return of Spontaneous Circulation in a Pediatric Normovolemic But Not Hypovolemic Cardiac Arrest Model
LTC Young Yauger, PhD, CRNA
The Experience of Caring During a Typical Day of Surgery
CAPT Robert Hawkins, PhD, USN, NC
Applying the 3 P's To Survey Approval: Planning, Patience and Perseverance
LTC Pauline Swiger, PhD
Longitudinal Comparison of Nurse & Patient Outcomes in Military Hospitals
Lori Loan, PhD, RN, FAAN
The Coping Self-Efficacy Scale: Psychometric Properties in an Outpatient Sample of Active Duty Military Personnel
CAPT Craig Cunningham, PhD
Precision Nutrition Impact on Health-Related Behavior Change in Active Duty Service Members
MAJ (Ret) Mary McCarthy, PhD
Menstrual Practices in Operational Military Women
Maj Angela Phillips, PhD
Improving Breast, Cervical, and Colon Cancer Screenings
Lt Col Miev Carhart, DNP, WHNP-BC
Deployment Characteristics as Predictors of Parenting Stress Among Navy Parents
CAPT Abigail Yablonsky, PhD, NP-C 
Family Bereavement Implications For Military Personnel: A Focused Literature Review
LT Dehussa Urbieta, NC, USN, BSN, RN, CPN