Working in teams - and spread all over the globe!  the Triservice Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) RIGs work to overcome the common challenges of research collaboration, providing a network for those working in select topics of interest, special projects to further military nursing science, mentorship for those new to military nursing research, and educational opportunities to advance your professional development.


To facilitate nursing research to optimize the health of military members and their beneficiaries.


  1. Develop and strengthen the TriService community of nurse scholars to generate new knowledge in military nursing and  translate it into practice.

  2. Provide a TriService infrastructure to enhance military nursing research and advance evidence-based practice.

  3. Support research and evidence-based practice projects on areas relevant to military readiness and military nursing practice.

  4. Encourage TriService collaboration in nursing research and evidence based practice.

No matter where you are in your career – from clinical nurse, to novice researcher, to seasoned research expert – we encourage you to join a RIG and see the power of topical collaboration! The commitment of effort for each member varies widely – join us for our periodic phone call meetings, get involved with a project when the topic interests you, or step up to lead your peers as a key member of a RIG. No matter your level of participation, we’re sure you’ll find your membership to be of value to you and your work.

The highlight of the Research Interest Group year is the TSNRP Research & Evidence Based Practice Course, held every spring, allowing for the groups to meet in person to share their work, generate new ideas for the future, and rekindle their shared interests in their respective topics.